Currently Raised: $800,000


The Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial will be a beautiful, permanent memorial honoring our Canadian soldiers – the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in the war in Afghanistan.Set in a park like setting on the beautiful Bay of Quinte and with 8 Wing/Canadian Forces Base Trenton – Canada’s largest Air Force base nearby, the Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial will be a fitting tribute not far from where Canadian repatriation ceremonies occur and at the beginning of our fallen soldiers’ journey along the Highway of Heroes, from Trenton to Toronto. These motorcades see thousands of Canadians on many of Highway 401’s overpasses paying tribute to those killed in action, and their families, all the way to Toronto.

The Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial’s design was selected from many entries; each designed to honour our nation’s recognition of the loss of sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers. Sadly, 155 Canadian service members have fallen to date in this conflict.

The Memorial site will be approached by a walkway from a dedicated parking area off Highway 2 on the east side of Trenton at RCAF Road alongside the base. The Monument itself is in a quiet and reflective low walled area containing 2 large granite maple leafs – one in red granite inscribed with the Canadian Forces emblem and Provincial shields. The other leaf is in black granite etched to depict a family’s loss with a solitary soldier in black granite depicting a fallen comrade and contains the names of those who have died in the conflict.

The entire site is designed to be reflective and contemplative in character and harmonize with its surroundings. Within the Memorial’s circular form, two granite benches will provide seating for those who come to reflect and enjoy the peace and beauty of the memorial site and park.

In addition to the monuments, flags and walkways, the Memorial will be professionally landscaped with shrubbery, plants, flowers and trees. It will also be lighted and maintained year round.


How can Canadians give to help build the Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial? Please join all Canadians coast to coast who have already been giving to this Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial Fund. This is not a government initiative, but solely funded by Canadians honoring Canadian soldiers. Individuals, companies and organizations are all welcome to contribute to the fund to complete the $1.5 million dollar project. Donations, no matter how small, will make this a reality.



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